The Morini Riders Club run an annual trackday at Cadwell Park
We have been running trackdays in the UK for longer than any other one-make club.
Our trackdays are always friendly and informal, and open to members, non-members, and non-Morinis alike.
All machines are welcome - twins, singles, moderns, classics.
Spectators are welcome to wander the paddock and take in the sounds, sights and company for free.

To book a place or for more information, contact us at

MRC Track Day Cadwell Park 2015


TRACK DAY 33 - Cadwell Park 11th June 2015

As always my thanks go to all who made the event possible: the staff at Cadwell Park, who kept us safe, allowing us to enjoy a fabulous day under sunny skies; to David Marlow, for organising the sessions and riders' briefing, when everybody else was having fun on track; Chris Webber, for the arranging the stickers; Mark Bailey & Jem Moore, for helping me with the task of registration; North Leicester Motorcycles, Chris and Stuart and Marc, who stepped in for Ollie who was away in the Isle of Man and finally but not least, Robert Savage who volunteered again to act as our photographer. Robert used his photographic skills to full affect, adding to David's archive and leaving us with a comprehensive record of the day. I hope to use a selection of these photos in a limited edition calendar, to be sold at the MRC stand at Stafford this October. Watch our website for more details.
Hopefully we will see you all in 2016, when we will roll out track day 34.
Paul Emmerson
Morini Riders Club.


2015 Track Day, 31-video playlist

2014 Track Day, Session 1, 1977 350 Sport (Paul Compton)

2014 Track Day, Session 2 (Paul Compton)

2014 Track Day, Session 3 (Paul Compton)

2014 Track Day, Session 5 (Paul Compton)

2013 Track Day stills (Paul Compton)

2013 Track Day, Kanguro 350 X1 Special #1

2013 Track Day, Kanguro 350 X1 Special #2

2013 Track Day, Darts

2010 Track Day, paddock scenes


Real Classic magazine, 2015 MRC Track Day Guide


BACK IN JUNE 1983 the Morini Riders Club were preparing for their first Track Day and in ATG (issue 86) Arthur Farrow (then Editor) was encouraging members and pals to join the 25 members already committed to the August event. To secure a place the members were asked to pay a deposit of £20.00 and every entrant was expected to help, as Cadwell, privately owned at the time, had no full-time marshals. The lucky people enjoyed, as you do now, six outings (or sessions) of 20 minutes each throughout the day commencing at a civilised 10am.

In many ways the informal nature surrounding this initial event formed the bedrock on which today's event now stands. The inclusion of pals, or non-members as they are now referred to, allowed enthusiasts both outside and on the fringe of the club to enjoy and share our track day experience.

We typically have around 30 Morinis on track. The range of bikes start from the singles of the Fifties through to the classic and modern V-twins, and the Camel and Kanguro. Add to that another 90-or-so classic and modern non-Morinis on track and you have quite a spectacle.

Morinis have always had a reputation for brilliant handling, and the Cadwell Park full circuit ("the mini Nürburgring") is ideally suited to the little single and twin lightweights.

No other one make club has as much experience in running trackdays as us. From rider briefing, scrutineering and technical inspection through to more tracktime than you could possibly want, our track days are second to none. Participants and spectators alike value the laid back atmosphere, the variety of interesting machinery, the efficient organisation by Cadwell staff & our own volunteers, and the friendly advice and help which is always at hand.

Spectating is free, the paddock area is open to all, and on-site camping is available at very reasonable costs. The local area is very beautiful and there are lots of places to see and things to do so you can make a family event of it.

To book a place or for more information, contact us at
Morinis at Cadwell
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