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Northern Home Counties Morini Meeting, 10th May 2012

The Northern Home Counties section has not been very active on a formal basis for some time for various reasons, but I have noticed that a number of Morini owners and riders have been cropping up in the area recently.

After a local club member contacted the committee to ask about help in rebuilding his early single, it was suggested that it might be a good idea to organise a gathering so that people in the area could get to know each other. Local MRC meetings have traditionally been held monthly in conjunction with the Bedfordshire VMCC meeting at Shefford, so the next meeting in May seemed like a good date.

Modern communications are a great help in organising events like this, so I posted a message on the MRC web forum and Keith, our membership secretary, sent an email to all club members who lived in the region. A number of people replied to say that they hoped to come, so all looked promising.

The day came, and London was plagued by monsoons. A couple of people sent me notes to say that they would not be coming because of the weather, but by the time I got home to Hertfordshire the roads were drying and I set off from Stevenage on the 3½ Strada along the nice winding road to Shefford, hoping that I would not be the only person there.

Arriving at the Memorial Hall I was delighted to see three other 3½s already parked: two Sports belonging to Paul Compton (EVGuru) and Martin Gelder, who runs the RealClassic website, and Paul Morgan-Knight's Strada. Paul, also known as the Destroyer, is a recent convert to Morinis and seems to be delighted with his experience so far. Also there were Estelle, who had joined the club only a couple of days before and is getting her bike back on the road, and Wayne, who is in the middle of what looks like a first-class restoration of a very early Strada. Roy Masters and Jenny Westwood soon turned up on four wheels and then, with an impressive rumble of exhaust noise, Chris Webber arrived on his Corsaro Veloce, having ridden all the way from Wokingham to lend support. The turn-out of five Morinis outnumbered the total of VMCC members' bikes, which was gratifying.

We spent a very enjoyable (if chilly) hour and, as always with these events, it was good to catch up with friends and to meet new people, all with the common bond of Morinis. Thanks to everyone for coming along and to Chris, for suggesting the idea. Whether 8pm on a Thursday evening is the best time to meet is debatable, but we will certainly organise other events in the region. Anyone can organise an event, whether it is a ride out on good Morini roads, meeting at a show or just a gathering of like-minded people. Just contact your area representative (details in ATG), or post a message on the club's web forum.

I set off home at 9pm in the last of the dusk feeling very happy with life, wrapped up warm, the instruments glowing in front of me, the headlight glowing more dimly and the distinctive burble of a 3½ engine reverberating off the hedges. Lovely!

MRC Shefford Meeting MRC Shefford Meeting MRC Shefford Meeting

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