The Tresette was the last in a line of singles named after popular Italian card games; earlier machines being the Settebello and Briscola; the Settebello (beautiful 7) having the greatest performance of three bikes with many common parts. The Tresette produced 10bhp, midway between its siblings, and was an early indication of how Morini would use a common design to vary products to suit customer demand.

The machines were developed from the 175 Turismo, introduced in 1953 and developed as the GT from 1954, when the Settebello was also introduced. The Briscola (Trumps) followed in 1956 and the Tresette (3 sevens) and Tresette Sprint in 1958 to complete the line-up.

The Tresette was the final development of the Turismo; the Sprint version had a higher compression piston and sportier carburettor to increase power to 13bhp and give a top speed in excess of 130kph. Most had an attractive small fly screen and dropped bars, and have proved popular in the modern Italian ''Moto Giro''. A key difference between the two models is the position of the contact breakers – the sportier models’ are located on the end of the camshaft on the left (nearside) of the engine.

Although not imported in to the UK a number have subsequently found their way here, and make an attractive alternative to British singles of the period, with their right foot gear change with heel and toe operation and styling.



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