The little 125cc two stroke was Morini's first post Second World War machine, and was, like the British Bantam, developed from the German DKW. It had the same bore and stroke as that machine, but was not quite such a blatant copy as the British bike, with a larger set of engine cases and polished aluminium. It was produced from 1946, and early models also had quite elaborate lining and finishing, with a chrome tank and bright red paintwork.

The base model had a modest performance, producing just 4bhp with maximum power at 4,700 rpm and with a compression ratio of 6:1 (1952 model). Early models had a blade front fork and a full loop frame

However, there was considerable potential for tuning, and a racing model was developed from this simple machine, with a lighter frame which saw the engine become a stressed member (an easy way to distinguish the two models). The ''Competizione'' was offered from 1947 and was reliable and quick, being used by a number of up and coming Italian racers, including Umberto Masetti, later a World Champion with Moto Guzzi. Three (almost) standard roadsters were also entered in the 1949 ISDT, based in Wales, although only one completed the course, winning a bronze medal.

Swinging arm suspension and full telescopic forks were introduced from 1953, together with a shorter stroke motor which updated the model, which had styling that reflected that on the soon to be produced 175cc 4stroke singles.



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