The Settebello has a long lineage with Morini. Originally it was a pure sports machine which was based very closely on the design and engineering of the GP racers. With those machines, Morini very nearly wrested the 1963 GP title from the mighty Honda Motor Corporation, with a machine ridden by the great Tarquinio Provini.

Following the excitement of GP competition, the single became increasingly uncompetitive on the world race circuits, although it was still used in Italian events, being one of the first factory provided bikes for Giacomo Agonstini. The engine was developed for a more sedate range of road based machines, and lasted in production until the late 1960s.

Although not as “pure” in lines as the earlier engines, the style of the later bikes makes for an easier riding position, and their performance is more than comparable to British machines of the era. Lightweight, and with quality materials and brakes, they are increasingly collectable, and good examples are rare to find, both in the UK and in their homeland.

The singles were never imported into the UK, but since the establishment of the brand in the 1970s, a number have found their way onto these shores. Spares are not as easy to obtain in the UK as with the later Lambertini engine machines, but some specialised dealers do support them.



Real Classic "1967 250 GTI"

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