Date for the 41st event - 13th June (THURSDAY) 2024

Our trackdays are always friendly and informal, and open to Morini Riders Club members, invited guests, and others at the discretion of the organisers. Priority will be given to MRC Members, then those attending on Morini Motorcycles.

All machines are welcome, though preferably older classic machines as there are plenty of other trackdays available for "modern rockets".

Spectators are welcome to wander the paddock and take in the sounds, sights and company for free, however, please check the latest rules regarding paddock access or spectators with Cadwell Park/MSV or the Morini Riders Club nearer the time.

To be considered for a place:

      1. Wait for registration to open below, from the first weekend in January 2024.
      2. Complete the online registration form.
      3. Allocation will take place by 10th March and all those Registered will be informed if they have a place or are on the Reserve List.
      4. Pay using the online shop by the due date 17th April- note there are discounts for MRC Members and early payment prior to 24th March.
      5. Reserves will be offered any places that have not been paid for by the cut off date on 17th April.

Please read the below regulations for the Morini Riders Club 41st "Annual A Tutto Gas" Trackday 13th June 2024
Once you have read and understood the regulations you may complete the entry form at the bottom of this page and submit your application for a place.

The Morini Riders Club will hold a trackday at Cadwell Park on Thursday 13th June 2024 for solo machines only. The practice day is open to all Morini Riders Club members, invited guests, and others at the discretion of the organisers. Priority will be given to MRC Members who have paid the full years' subscriprion and joined or renewed prior to 31st December 2023, then those attending on Morini Motorcycles.

Entries - Registration

The first stage is to register your interest after reading and agreeing to these Regulations. The Registration will be live on this page from the first weekend in January 2024.

Please Note: All entries and payment will only be via the club website.

After allocating places according to priority, successful applicants will be informed by 10 Mar 2024 by email with details of how to pay via the club online shop.

Payment will only be required when you have a Confirmed place with a Reference Number and Payment Instructions.

If you are allocated a place you must pay by 17th April. If you have not paid by this date then your place will be allocated to those on the reserve list.

As usual there will be discounts for MRC club members who have paid the full years subscription by the 31 Dec 2023. MRC members who are prompt will get a double discount. Prices have had to rise for 2024, however as a trial we will be including photos of you circulating at no additional cost.

We are a volunteer run club and members who we need to chase for their renewal waste the time and goodwill of our volunteers. Consequesntly, if you are one of these people don't be surprised if you find yourself lower in the priority list than other members who do renew on time and pay the correct amount.

MRC Members before 31/12/23

Non MRC Members and late renewers

Payment received before 24 Mar



Payment received between 24 Mar - 17 Apr



We will offer places to anyone on the Reserve List if a Confirmed Place is not paid for by 17 Apr.

There will be three groups on the circuit: Morini, Intermediate and Fast. We will endeavour to allow everyone to ride in their chosen groups but reserve the right to change the composition of groups on the day depending upon numbers. Note that Morini and Intermediate groups are normally oversubscribed, so if you are an experienced track rider we may have to put you in the Fast Group. The organisers decision is final in this matter.

There will be a maximum of 120 riders for the day. All entries must be pre-booked and paid for. Entries will be allowed on the day only if space permits. An entry fee once paid will not be refunded for any reasons other than those recoverable by the organisers, minus an administration charge as the club is charged for all electronic payments.

Please note all riders must be aged 18 years and over to ride on the circuit and must hold a DVLA, ACU or EEC equivalent Full driving licence. Sadly no A2 Restricted Licences
Bike Prepapration

It is the Rider's Responsibility to ensure the machine they are riding is safe to do so. Machines must be mechanically sound and free from oil leaks, and the following points should be noted:

     1. All light glasses/plastics must be taped over
     2. Mirrors must be taped over or removed
     3. Centre stands must to be wired in the up position
     4. Control levers must be ball end and complete
     5. Machines must be clean
     6. There is a noise limit of 105db at Cadwell Park that will be enforced by Cadwell staff
     7. it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that Front Brake Lever Guards should be fitted


Riders clothing must comply with the following:

     1. Helmets must be Full Face and comply with current ACU/FIM Standards. (ACU Gold Stamp).
     2. Leather boots and gloves must be worn.
     3. Clothing must be sound and may be either:
          -One-piece racing or touring leathers; or
          -Separate leather jackets and leather trousers, providing they are fully zipped together.
     4. New since 2022 MSV are requiring that all riders must be wearing a full length back protector

Contact MSV direct if you have any questions regarding clothing requirements.

The Cadwell Park race school will NOT be able to hire out leathers for the day.


24 hours PRIOR TO ARRIVING AT CADWELL you must watch a compulsory online briefing for all participating riders.

Rider Conduct

Please remember that this is a practice day and NOT a race meeting. Any rider who displays unnecessarily forceful riding or who indulges in any competition with fellow riders will be removed from the session and warned. Failure to observe this warning will result in exclusion from the day's proceedings. REMEMBER - YOU are RESPONSIBLE for any passing manoeuvre on a slower rider. IF IN ANY DOUBT - DON'T DO IT. Wait until it is SAFER - It is a FUN Day Out.


The first session for each group in will commence with 3 laps behind a travelling marshal. At the end of the third lap the marshal will pull off the track and riders can proceed at their own pace.


The Morini Riders Club reserves the right to refuse entry without reason and to cancel or postpone the track day or alter the program of events.

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