Milano in the press

Anything to do with the 1200 Milano
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Re: Milano in the press

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All very good reading. The closing paragraph of the last link really brings a smile to the face :-)
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Re: Milano in the press

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To quote Mr Cathcart;

"One year ago when I rode the Corsaro ZT I wrote that this was the complete opposite of a nanny state bike – something with two wheels and an engine that’s so gloriously non-PC you’re practically surprised that anyone is actually allowed to build bikes like this for sale any more. Moto Morini does – and it has just doubled its bets with the Milano. "
"I'll use the Morini"
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Re: Milano in the press

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A friend of mine, morinista since 40 years and owner of a 9 1/2 since years, has bought a Milana and is ... delighted. For him the best 1200 of all, and he tried all of them as far as I know.
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