New Milano for 2024

Anything to do with the 1200 Milano
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New Milano for 2024

Post by mbmm350s »

points from the video

Fragile and dangerous rear number plate holder/hugger has been removed, hurrah, and replaced with a proper rear number plate
Oil Cooler
Different swinging arm
Euro 5+
More pillion friendly seat

Ok so we can say Chinese this and Chinese that, but the Milano (and Super scrambler) brilliant motorcycles let down by lack of finances to develop them. Now with Chinese money behind Morinis designers we should hope for better.
Styling vaguely reminiscent of the last series of 500 SEI-V?
Glad they kept the exhaust plumbing.
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Re: New Milano for 2024

Post by giumorin »

:D :arrow: Unfortunately I haven't seen them live, but all the news from the 2023 Milan Show are stolen from my friends. :roll:
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Re: New Milano for 2024

Post by corsaro chris »

Thanks for those pictures - looks like there are some great Morinis coming!

"I'll use the Morini"
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Re: New Milano for 2024

Post by BumbleBee »

Lots of changes on the new Milano. Walking around it on the stand it was hard to find anything that was the same as the first production run 😄
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Re: New Milano for 2024

Post by MickeyMoto » ... l-line-up/

Notice the water pipe from the cylinder head. Probably means the engine runs leaner, therefore hotter. Hopefully fuel economy will improve, too.

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