Plastic tank liner

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Plastic tank liner

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I don't suppose anyone has any experience of this: ... tic-tanks/

As mentioned previously, my Dart tank has developed another small weep, this time from the tap mounting point. And really, it's only a matter of time before it springs further leaks. In the absence of any metal tanks (unless someone has a spare one! If so, I'm all ears :) ) I'm wondering if lining the plastic tank is a feasible approach to getting a few more years out of it. This product claims to line fibreglass and plastic tanks, and to be 100% ethanol proof.

It's risky, no question - as if it goes horribly wrong I'll have no tank at all, and no chance of a repair or replacement. But then again, it could be that I'm left with no alternative if the tank develops further leaks anyway! I'll probably have a go with the Loctite 3450 first, as a safer option, but if that doesn't work, I'll give it a whizz.

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Re: Plastic tank liner

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Not tried that product, nor sealing a plastic tank, I used a product called Slosh on a steal tank 4 or 5 years ago. I've done about 12000 miles since. I accidentaly spilt some on a hammer and plastic screwdriver handle which were on the bench. It is still sticking to both tools, admitedly not exposed to petrol/ethanol, but of course the steal tank has had about 1000 litres of E5 fuel and the occasional emergency E10

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Re: Plastic tank liner

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Sorry for the late reply. I have used Flowliner on my Camel fiberglass tank, and it has shown no signs of degradation since I did it over 4 years ago. I did give it two coats, the second was applied around 24 hours after the first.

Hope that helps.

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