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On this page you will find an overview of
the bikes owned by participants to the Moto Morini mailinglist.

350 (1973)
Netherlands: Tony's 1973 Moto Morini 3˝. "It is mostly original, except for the indicators and colour. The headlight is of a later model, but the original headlight will be re-chromed later on".
Kanguro X1 (1984)
same Kanguro X1 (1984) with Valentini fueltank same Kanguro X1 (1984) with Valentini fueltank

Netherlands: Tony's 1984 Moto Morini Kanguro X1.
The first 2 photo's show the bike as purchased with the original 10 liter fueltank. The 2 photo's below show the same Kanguro, but now with Valentini fueltank (2 x 17liter), replacement exhaust, side stand and original luggage rack. Also new Metzeler tyres.

South-Africa: Peter's Vlietstra's Moto Morini 500. "Next time I send a photo, I hope to have 2 into 2 pipes. The present arrangement is a little anti-social. I am also looking at fitting some rearsets".

USA: Tom Arnone, in Montana. "On the right a 'before' picture which does not show the bent valve or the multiple ignition problems.
Camel X3
USA: Bob Herman, in Colorado. Website

Canada: Jeff Horbach's 350. "The 3 1/2 now has the "old" tank and 75 era paint job".

Canada: Jeff's 500. "The photo from the North Vancouver Italian show represents practically the entire contingent of Morinis here in British Columbia,....."

New Zealand: Dominic Blaazer's bike.

Norway: Knut's Moto Morini. "There are probably 3 or 4 in Norway. It's not at all perfect, but I've tried to eliminate what is known to be the trouble, and make it fill my needs for a good-handling, fun to ride, reliable, small beauty. You'll notice that I've fitted a small light just below the headlight. It's a small strobe-light which I've had for four or five years now, and having it activated during daytime riding has so far saved me from being driven over by car-drivers at least four times. They noticed me before making a left-turn when coming towards me!"

USA: Daniel Spiegel. 3.5 Sport from 1978.

Italy: Tommaso Fiorilli. "Here is my Morini 3 1/2 Strada 1982. I live in Bruxelles and I had it for 12 years now; ride it every day! It's mostly original but changed bits and pieces".

United Kingdom: Andrew Wegg. See website for details.

United States: Chris Hampson. "My sister bought this bike almost new in 1977 in Australia, rode it for a couple of years, then it broke and was taken apart. Bits went missing - tank, side cover, forks, wheels, brakes – before I got the remaining pieces. These photos were taken before I put the tank badges on. It is now in the USA and should be on the road soon. The sharp-eyed will notice it had an external oil filter, since removed; and a CarbTune hanging off the right handlebar".

United States, Chris Steel in Wisconsin: "here is my 1980 500w shortly after acquisition in summer 2002".

1976 350 Strada 1976 350 Strada
United Kingdom: Julian Kowalewski. "Note the rocker boxes no fins".

United States, Jay Lehrbach in Eastern Pennsylvania: 1975 3-1/2 15K miles - purchased in 2000. A little bent up but it runs true".

United States, Jay Lehrbach in Eastern Pennsylvania: 1981 "500 Strada - bought new - mostly stock with 60K km. It's a keeper".

United States, Dan Keelo: "The first pic is my "donor" bike for the cafe project. The second contains the two motors, including the original (now unseized), and the 501 which I will be using in the bike".

Austria, Johann Süss: "I bought the bike spring 2003, in a terrible condition, got it running within 2 weeks. I got a spare one from the auto jumble at Padova 2003 and restored it in the following winter. It was beautiful by then, despite I did not really work on the engine. As it still consumed oil I got swap barrels and pistons, 400 cc from Ducati Development Dortmund. Since then it runs perfect and is even really fast. A real fun. It is a Strada of 1974, but as I got it with the Sport painting I redid this. It is more lovely, although not completely original. But who knows, and I like it better this way".

Denmark, Peter Nisgaard Brink. Dart 400.

France, Robert Board. "This is a picture of my 3 1/2 near Devils Bridge. It was bought from NLM where Justin had done a lot of work on it. Currently awaits re-registering in France". "Here's a picture of my re-ignited Kanguro after I've finally got it reassembled

United States: Michael Henry. "Two shots of my 1980 500 Sport, with and without the bikini fairing. This bike sat in a dealership unsold until 1999. I am the second owner".

United States, California: Michael Fiore.

United States Mike Christian. These are pictures of my 1966 Settebello GT 250 that was used as a base for a marketing test by Garelli, there are no numbers on the frame or engine and it came with the Garelli tank and engine badges as well as different forks and brake hubs ... the frame and engine are Morini GT 250.
United Kingdom, Gareth Davies. "The Morini is a Kanguro X2 which I love to ride around the country lanes here in Shropshire where I live, the other bike is a Honda Pacific Coast which I us as a touring bike. They may look to have nothing in common but they both have a V twin engines which since I came back to biking 3 years ago is the type of machine I like the best. The morini gets used the most although in is stripped down for renovation at the moment".

United Kingdom, Peris Williams. "Pics taken 21-03-07. Will supply better photos when I get round to cleaning bike :-)".

Australia, Rodney Yeomans, 500 SEI V.

United Kingdom, Richard Armstrong.

Denmark, Erik Christensen. Here´s some pictures of my 1978 3˝ Strada. The last picture shows the sidecover after glassblasting and with black/clear powdercoat. I had some welding done, because the previous owner "accidently" hit the starterswitch with the cover off... My friend painted it for me, and now i have to do the left cover too ;)".

United Kingdom: Jonathan Hill. "My '74 Strada near Talyllyn, Mid Wales. It was a good day".

United Kingdom: Mark Trayford: "a couple of photo's of my 1975 3 1/2 Sport".

United States: Stephen Scott: "my Moto Morini 500S".

Austria, Ingrid Weischsler: "Some pictures of my 500 Sport. The only thing I changed are the different handlebars, which are better for my wrists".

Switzerland, Gilles: "My 1973 Strada. Bought in 2004 in Italy from Igor (1st owner who got it for his 18th birthday and kept it in pieces since 1981 ... He always intended to rebuild it ...). Lot of work and parts were needed. A big thanks to Tony and all members of this list for their precious help and advices (would not have been possible without). Bike currenlty still has stange ignition problems, but this will be fixed soon, hopefully!".

USA: Eric Bergam (left) and Bob Herman, both on a Camel X3.
Australia, Ian Barnes, "It's a '81 or '82 first model Camel, sold in Australia new. I've repainted the tank, sidecovers and mudguards and had the seat recovered but all to original specifications. Also added a centre stand.

United Kingdom, Nick Pope, "This is my 1978 3 1/2 Sport, which I got recently (2007). Seems to run ok but has been 'resting' in someone's garage for a while so there are plenty of bits and pieces to sort out".

the four pictures above:
lhs top and rhs top: 250cc frame with 350cc engine,
lhs bottom 250cc with 350cc engine, rhs 350cc bike with 500cc engine.
the three pictures above:
lhs top: 350cc frame with 500cc engine,
rhs genuine 350cc K1.
bottom lhs 350cc frame with 500cc engine.
a Settebello 250
Italy: Pietro Ligorio. About his 5(!!) Morinis: "There are also engine to frame details showing a 350 engine in the 250 frame and a 500 engine in 350 frame. As you can see engines fit perfectly. Only the K1 is genuine 350cc in the standard frame..."
Kanguro X3 (1989) Kanguro X3 (1989)
United Kingdom, Ian Ellison.

United Kingdom, Andy Wallace: "lhs a Corsarino Régolarita 50cc. It goes out regularly green laning around Devon. The 125cc Corsaro is restored by a Midlands enthusiast".

United Kingdom, Simon Whittaker: "Three Morinis, the standard 500 I have owned 25 years, note the special side badges for this 501 engined 350 Sport. The Tresette Sprint is from 1960.
Note: the 5 1/2  badge on the bike above!


United States, Jarl Wathne: "My Morini Dart 350 is now ready for the Bonneville Salt Flats. I still need to figure out video camera mounts, but the bike is ready. As you can see I finished my paint job and graphics".

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