Kanguro X rear shock pressure and reservoir?

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Kanguro X rear shock pressure and reservoir?

Postby julianharty » 14 Jun 2020 21:16

My Kanguro X has a functional, albeit tired, rear Paoli shock. It looks like one that should have a reservoir (as per the parts book) but none came with the bike.

Does anyone have recommendations for the air pressure to use for the shock? and the importance of the reservoir?

I'd prefer not to buy a new shock at this stage as I've yet to finish getting the bike roadworthy and registered. That day might come once it's road legal and demonstrated that the rest of the bike behaves well enough to endorse spending the £300 or so on a new replacement. If any of you happen to have a rear shock in fair condition that's available for me to use please let me know.

Thank you

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