Kanguro Monoshock replacements

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Kanguro Monoshock replacements

Postby Steve Brown » 12 May 2020 11:11

Hi all, as you are probably aware Hagon has been the main source for replacement rear damper units for the UK at least for some time.
I wanted to look around a little as I wasn't sure what they offered was right. It turns out there were at least 3 different lengths of Monoshock for Morinis (and possibly different springs too but I haven't been able to check that) Hagon were only aware of one size, the 420mm unit that was from the X3 models so were supplying that spec to all Kanguro owners. If you fit a 420 to an X, X1, X2 the seat will be higher, by as much as 3" in the case of the X or X1 :!: This will make the bike a bit more of a challenge to normal height folk and even more for the vertically challenged.
While we were talking with Hagon about this I also was trying to get a replacement from YSS and thanks to Norbert, learned that a YSS replacement is available from Dieter Hoffmann in Germany. He already has the details for the various models so he can supply you a new shock of standard or modified length to suit you. His prices are good too, even with postage from Germany.
Hagon if you want to buy local UK produce are now also able to supply the correct sized shocks and have done one for the X1 we were working on.
For the X2 I used the YSS and am very pleased with that.

So, there you have it! Two sources for shock replacement (one costs less than the other :-) ) now and you can thank Kevin Kelly of Cambridgeshire and me, by buying us a pint when you see us.
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Re: Kanguro Monoshock replacements

Postby Cosmo » 19 May 2020 19:59

Thanks for passing that on Steve,
Half the battle with these oldie italian factory parts bin bikes is finding out some dimensions or specifications when you don't have an original, so it's impossible to get a match even if you can get parts anymore - mostly we can't. We now can get shocks, so Horray.
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