Engine Swap 350 Kangaru to 250 frame.

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Engine Swap 350 Kangaru to 250 frame.

Postby birt » 11 Jul 2017 15:14

As above I own a 250 2c which I think is a spanish import, and a non runner 350 Kangaru - age and model unknown which I want to combine into a 350 engined 2c. I plan to keep hold of the 250 engine for posterity... I realise that this has been done before - more or less but I thought I'd post for advice rather than searching the forum.
1) I assume the engine fits more or less straight into the frame, though I have heard it is necessary to trim one of the rocker covers?
2) I think, from memory that the 250 has a traditional european right hand gearchange and the Kangaru has a left hand conversion (?) I'm not right bothered which side shift I end up with TBH but assume I can use the 250 linkage on the 350 box?
3) I believe that some of the later engines have a Nicasil plated bore, is there any way of telling from the outside eg engine number?
4) While I'm at it I might as well convert to 12 volts and perhaps fit a less power hungry LED h/l bulb and Li ion battery, is there an easy way to do this? I believe some models of the Kangaru have a hybrid 12/6 volt system, and while I'm at it would I be better to use the complete 350 ignition system inc' coils etc or to purchase a NLM ignition system?
5) My 250 has a twin pipe exhaust system (sounds really nice with pretty much open aftermarket silencers ) which I would rather keep if at all possible, I assume I will have to have the front pipes cut and welded for this because of the extra cylinder height (?) any thought would be very welcome. I assume the bits that screw in the cylinder head are the same size etc?
6) I'm planning to use the 350 carbs, is it better to use the airbox and ducting from the 250 0r 350 or just add K&N type filters direct to the carbs?
7 My kangaru engine has a bit of casing smashed of on one side, the bit that covers the front sprocket, The engine still runs apparantly and certainly doesn't leek oil, can I just swap the side cover from the 250?
8) The 250 currently has slightly high and very wide non standard (? certainly look newer than the rest of it...) bars fitted, I believe the UK bikes were supplied with ace type bars which I would like, where these fitted to other Morini models? and rear sets would be nice if possible. (I realise this may be tricky with the exhaust system...)
9) any other advice or comment would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Re: Engine Swap 350 Kangaru to 250 frame.

Postby MickeyMoto » 11 Jul 2017 16:03


Welcome. A few people have 350/250 hybrids. They'll be along later with some advice.

Which model Kanguro? X3 with large tank was 12 volt only. Nikasil engines have Gilardoni written on the barrels.

Is the Kanguro complete? May be interested if it is before you strip it. Realise it is minus engine.

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Re: Engine Swap 350 Kangaru to 250 frame.

Postby 72degrees » 11 Jul 2017 19:28

A 350 will go in to a 2C ok. I have two :) You can use the 250 ignition components as the transducers are the same. The exhaust system will fit but it all under a bit of strain and will rather stifle a 350. Just use a 350/500 reg/rec, suitable battery and 12 bulbs to convert to 12v. The 250 gear linkage will be usable. The thingy on the gear selector shaft from the 250 will go on a 350.

You can get the rear rocker cover off if you lift and turn it just so.You can get the rear head and cylinder off if you remove the front engine plates and top rear engine mounting bolt and let the engine pivot downwards.

It will vibrate more than in a 350 (with four front engine mounting bolts) so kep a close eye on the two bolts at the front for tightness.

A 350 2:1 system will go on if you get brutal but may cause ground clearance problems when well banked over without tweaking.

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Re: Engine Swap 350 Kangaru to 250 frame.

Postby birt » 12 Jul 2017 19:03

Thanks for the advice. really looking forwards to riding this beast. I also have a belt drive 900SS which is a fabulous ride, but a bit cumbersome... The Morini seems to be the perfect stablemate, with a MUCH tighter turning circle at low speed and currently runs out of steam just as the SS gets into it's stride, certainly much less intimidating for a 58 year old returning to bikes after 28 years with no fragile fairing etc to worry about scratching. It also fits in the back of my Renault Trafic Crewvan without shifting the back seats/bulkhead and is so light I'm sure I could have lifted it on my own a few years ago...
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