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Postby Greg » 20 Oct 2019 09:58

Hello, its been a while since ive been here, about 5yrs ago I swapped my Cosaro for an MV Agusta F3 800, and im now thinking of swapping back. Ironically the very bike I swapped is back with Bennetts in Barnsley now. I just wondered if anyone has ridden the newer version and how it compares to the old one, I don't know if to buy my old one back and keep some money in the bank or splash out on a ZZ if they really are worth the extra. Either way im getting a Cosaro again, ive had enough of my eyes watering everytime I hit a slight bump in the road!! Thanks in advance for any views/opinions shared.
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Re: Cosaro ZZ

Postby nicko » 21 Oct 2019 17:29

Hi Greg

Yes I have ridden a ZZ, in fact I own one. I have also in the past owned a Corsaro 1200 and a Veloce so feel qualified to comment.

The engine is basically the same however does have a different fuelling map, still pulls strongly but more frugal on the juice. Combined with a larger tank sees roughly 120 miles until the warning light. That would then be approx 15 litres of fuel to fill it. Capacity is quoted at 18.5 litres I believe.

Front brake is superb, much sharper than the Veloce but the rear does leave something to be desired. Ride height can be adjusted, as can the travel on the gear lever etc. Tank is metal, not plastic so shouldn't have swelling issues with ethanol content of fuel.

Asthetically I can't fault it, in my opinion looks sharper than the previous models but hey, that's definitely subjective.

Can't advise you on what to spend, but there's a ZZ on ebay (dealer) and Prime Factors in Surrey were applying a hefty discount as reported in the previous issue of ATG.

Good luck choosing.
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Re: Cosaro ZZ

Postby Greg » 21 Oct 2019 17:43

Hello, thanks for the information and quick reply. The back brake won’t be an issue as I’ve learnt to ride without one completely. My F3 boils the fluid because of the exhaust heat so you need to take it off the calliper and raise it above the bike to bleed after every other ride. Needless to say I soon got bored of that and now don’t use it much. I’ve seen the one on eBay and it does look a bargain, I’ve already rang them but they won’t take my MV in part-x. Something to do with not having the software, and I’m guessing the reputation for unreliability, which I have to say is unfair in my case, it’s been faultless for the last 4 years, started 1st time every time and been down to Tuscany and back twice.
I’m rang Speedycom who have been very helpful, he’s trying to sort me one out as they are now a Moto Moroni dealer. Hope to get sorted soon, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again, Greg
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Re: Cosaro ZZ

Postby corsaro chris » 22 Oct 2019 19:38


The ZZ has a great soundtrack, much the same performance as the Corsaro and better suspension courtesy of Mupo (Italian race manufacturer). The fuel tank is alloy and holds over 17 litres; on a longish run at reasonable throttle openings you'll get 120 miles and 40 - 44+ mpg (not that that's the most important consideration?), although I did 139 miles coming back from Stafford with 18 on reserve and then put 15.6 litres in. The handlebars are slightly wider and the ride is as comfortable as before, maybe even slightly better. Lithium battery and good lights, a programmable dash with six different displays - although the traditional ones are the ones with a readable speed display (some don't even display speed, others don't do mileage).

Like Nick, I have one, and love it!

Good riding,

"I'll use the Morini"
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