Broken JG Speedfit QR Fuel Connection Issues

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Broken JG Speedfit QR Fuel Connection Issues

Postby mort9555 » 04 Feb 2020 17:31

Hi All,
Just a general note on this topic..... if there are any of us that have suffered/are suffering a broken JG Speedfit fuel connection at the tank due to a lack of care (I did, tank fell off bike while running it up post service....doh!!) I have a fix with a machined steel threaded insert. The Speedfit item is not spareable (most inconveniently) and is part of the fuel pump which is hurtful financially. I can make inserts as and when, just get in touch on PM here or on 07530548120. I hope this helps some when/if this occurs. I repaired mine 3 years ago as described and no issues to date so I'd call that fixed.

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Re: Broken JG Speedfit QR Fuel Connection Issues

Postby Borgo Panigale » 03 Jun 2020 15:06

Perhaps not as elegant a solution as yours, Trevor, but effective nonetheless..

One of my fuel feed spigots broke a week or so before I was supposed to ride my Granpasso to Madrid last June (2019). After several conversations with JG - none of which bore fruit, I was faced with the necessity/ invention/ mother/ scenario. Measuring the internal diameter of the spigot, I think it was 7mm, I searched for some brass tube of the right size, I/D 6mm IIRC, eventually a friend told me he'd bought that sort of tube from a model railway/craft type shop. A valuable tip, as they were able to hand it to me there and then. My plan was to measure from the mouth of the spigot back to its elbow, swage the end of the brass tube and tap it in with an interference fit, the end was swaged to obviate the risk of the brass sleeve working its way in far enough to cut off the fuel supply. As I started tapping it in, I thought that if I simply cut the top half of the pipe away for about half an inch, I could tap the sleeve all the way home and not worry about it cutting the supply.

With the brass sleeve now all the way home, I wanted to reinforce the broken spigot and so superglued it together. During this whole exercise, when the brain squirms like a toad, scrabbling for solutions, all sorts of possibilities come bubbling up and from somewhere in a dusty filing cabinet in some dark cranial chamber, came a recollection of superglue and baking soda... it forms a semi-miraculous material that sets rock hard almost instantly and will repair virtually anything like broken plastics, fairings, or metal. A drop of superglue, a pinch of baking soda, file, shape, or cut, repeat, building up layers, as you require. And so, I built quite a sizeable concretion around the break - not pretty, but ensuring massive strength of repair, plus hidden from view I didn't need to pay attention to its cosmetic appearance. It is still there today doing the job I was desperate for it to do... please see photos here :
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