A sort of adventure!

Where have you been on your Morini? Post your tales of ride outs, great roads, holidays etc here.
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A sort of adventure!

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Back in the old days [1980] when I was a poor student running a 350 Strada, I was on my way to uni in Bristol with about 15 miles to go, loaded up with rucksack, tankbag [a holdall strapped to the tank] and another strapped behind me on the pillion when....clang...crunch... rumble...stop.

Almost immediately a group of brit bikers pulled over and helped out. I got towed the 15 miles to my digs in Bristol by a Triumph Bonneville - this is the adventure bit!

In the following few days I whipped the engine out and totally dismantled it [dead easy - 4 hours]. The cause of the breakdown was quickly diagnosed as when I split the crankcases each half of the crankshaft stayed in situ i.e.the crankshaft had SNAPPED! A new one was quickly sourced from Elbymoto [not sure if they're still around] and the engine put back together [again dead easy - 4 hours].

Started first kick, no problems.

Like I said - an adventure of sorts! :lol:
1989 Kanguro X3
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