My best ever ride

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My best ever ride

Postby 3potjohn » 11 Oct 2020 08:04

Out in beautiful sunshine on my Coguaro, up near the Forest of Dean. Rode for mile upon mile through wooded hillsides with only a few wet leaves to worry me. Bike not missing a beat. No traffic to speak of.After some time the winding road turned towards a junction.I could see that to the left was Reading, so turned to the right. Eventually had to choose either Hungerford or Marlborough so went that way, though there the road layout was different to when I lived near it.
Rejoined a Motorway when I was riding with other bikes and followed a Triumph Herald.I then became aware of an increased sound and looking down to my right saw the exhaust nut undoing. Rode the bike with my left hand operating the throttle whilst I held the nut with my right gloved hand.In fact part of the nut had broken away.
Turned off into a small village . Bought some gun-gum and was walking back to the bike, just ahead was a man and woman walking in the same direction. Suddenly we heard a violent clap of thunder and looked up to see a huge column of dark cloud hanging in the blue sky.
Then I woke up. I am blaming that slice of Devon Blue before bedtime.
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Re: My best ever ride

Postby mbmm350s » 11 Oct 2020 08:48


Bike not missing a beat

Only in your dreams? I suppose the cougar is nocturnal :D

I had a nasty turn after a piece of Dorset blue once - we live and learn. :shock:

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Re: My best ever ride

Postby RedVee » 12 Oct 2020 17:42

Hmm, interesting tale :shock:
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