Factory Visit 2009 - Travelling & Accomodation

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Factory Visit 2009 - Travelling & Accomodation

Postby Jem » 14 Apr 2009 11:21

Is anyone else planning on riding an older Morini (ie pre 1200cc)? I'm thinking about taking my Kanguro - big tank and just rebuilt - but it would be at a leisurely pace of 65-70 mph. By my own reckoning that means an average of 40mph off motorways. Via Michelin gives a route of 1600-1700km from Bath which turns into three eight-hour days.

Also is anyone interested in sharing a room as that will also cut costs?
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Postby morinipete » 14 Apr 2009 12:39

Hi Jem, I'm plannnig to go but still too far off (I'm 1500kms into riding back to the UK from Nepal, but stuck in Delhi awaiting an Iranian visa !).
Tom Farrow might be going on his Dart and I'm trying to convince Alan Jennings its a good idea too..........so there should be a few sidepanel badges littering the auto route (or what ever the frogs call it) ......

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