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2020 Italian Rally, Morano 5-7th June

Posted: 11 Jan 2020 10:41
by corsaro chris
A few of us are planning a trip to this years Italian Club Rally at Morano Sul Po - which is conveniently close to the Morini Factory at Trivolzio, south-west of Milano... So there is the potential to enjoy the company of our Italian friends for a few days, and then visit the Factory on Tuesday 9th June. With luck there might even be some of the new SieMMezzo and X-Cape around, and we might get an update on any new 800cc Sport V-twin.

The date has been supplied by a member of the Italian Club, and there are no details of the programme for the weekend available as yet. More to follow when we have it!

Good riding,


Re: 2020 Italian Rally, Morano 5-7th June

Posted: 04 Jun 2020 06:49
by MickeyMoto
I was supposed to leave yesterday for the tunnel on my way to Morano. Instead, I wheeled out the Scrambler and rode to my dad's house which was my first night stop.

445 mile round trip. Haven't seen him since February, but a strange visit not being able to stay or take him out for drive.

The Scrambler ate the miles, but why did I choose the first rainy day for weeks?

The roads are quiet at the moment, I hope this is the new normal!